How are Guarantee Terms?

All products offered for sale on our web shop are guaranteed by the manufacturer unless otherwise stated. The warranty procedure for each manufacturer and the warranty time may vary depending on the manufacturer. The manufacturer companies generally have 12 months warranty.

Products that fail during the warranty period must be checked by the manufacturer. At the end of the control process new product or the money refund can be applied.

In order for warranty conditions to be valid, you must check the product during delivery. When you see damage, do not accept the package and request a claim form by the cargo company. The warranty is void if there are changes have been made to the product, if the product has deformed. The guarantee document of the products to be evaluated as the warranty is the invoice for the product.  The products without invoice are out of warranty.

How can I cancel my order?

If your order is not delivered to the Cargo Company yet, the cancellation is possible. The product return policy is applied for the orders already delivered to the Cargo Company. You can find out whether your order is delivered to the Cargo Company or not by logging in to the system at my orders screen or by contacting customer service department via e-mail to phone.

How is the Product Return Policy?

If you wish to return the product you purchased through our site, you must contact the Customer Services department within 14 days of the date of delivery to submit the problem and request a refund. The product you return, the package must be undamaged, the product is unused and must be in a condition of sale again. If the product is used within 14 days, the product return will not be accepted. As the return conditions of the products, the applications required by the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers are inevitable.

You can send the product you want to return to our return address with one of our contracted cargo companies (by writing your order number on the package) along with the label on which the product bar code is located. The customer pays the cargo costs at international returning products. Our contracted cargo companies are B2C Direct, DHL and UPS.

In order to be refunded, it is mandatory that your product return package has arrived. As soon as the returned products arrived, the products are checked for compliance with the return conditions of the products and refunded within 14 days. Refund is done excluding shipping charge. Our Customer Service Department will contact with you regarding returning process.

Return Address: Gross Diesel GmbH – Gewerbepark Birkenhain 28, 63589 Linsengericht, Germany
Tel: +491632276432

An information message is sent via e-mail and SMS after returning products arrived to us.

How can I send back a Returned Product?

You can send back the returned product to our return address with one of our contracted cargo companies (by writing your order number on the package) along with the label on which the product bar code is located. . The customer pays the cargo costs at international returning products. Our contracted cargo companies are B2C Direct, DHL and UPS.


Is it necessary to be member for placing an order?

You don’t need to be member for placing an order from our web site. But you need to be member for placing your orders faster, getting the benefit of special campaigns and making your cancellations and refunds faster.

How can I track my order without placed to be a member?

You must be a member in order to trace your orders. At the first time you place an order without being a member the system defines an automatic membership. The details of your defined auto-membership (username and password) are sent by e-mail.  You can start your membership and track your order by changing your password from “forgot password” section and enter the system with new password.

Can I make changes on my order placed?

If you submit your request before the invoice is issued, you may add, remove or modify your order. You may contact with our Customer Service Department for more information about your claim.

How can I learn the situation of my order?

You can see all the details of your order at “my orders” section after logging in to system. 

What is my cart? How it used?

“My Cart” is a screen that you can easily access from the upper right corner of the web site and being used frequently when shopping in our site.

On this screen you can;

 – You can include the products into your cart by clicking “add to cart” button when you browse our products.

 – You can also specify the quantities of the products you buy from this screen.

 – You can remove the products from your shopping cart by clicking “X” button on the right side of the product.

 – You can see the total amount of your order at “total” section.

How long can I keep the products in my shopping cart?

You can keep the products in your shopping cart until the stocks are finished. When the stock of the product in your shopping cart is finished, it automatically deleted from your cart.

Is the product I want to order available in your stock?

You can check information about stock situation from the product details page which opens by clicking the product.

How long does it take to deliver my order to the cargo company?

If the product stated as “stock” your order delivered to the cargo company within 24-48 hours from creating of the order at the system.

How can I understand my order delivered to cargo?

When your order delivered to cargo company; the “cargo tracking number” will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number and your registered e-mail address.

How long does it take to get my order?

The cargo delivery time may change depending on cargo company and destination.  All our shipments are sent by express cargo. You can track your order with “Cargo Tracking Number” shared with you. You can check all details of your current order after logging into system at “my orders” section.

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

How Gross Diesel uses cookies? uses cookies in order to remind you the selections you have made and to personalise your use of website/mobile application/mobile site.

This use includes the cookies that save your password and enable your website/mobile application/mobile site logins to constantly keep open, thus to save you from the effort of entering passwords for several times for each visit of yours, and the cookies that remember and recognise you at your next visits to the website/mobile application/mobile site.

Including the identification of how you use the website/mobile application/mobile site such as from where and through which devices you connect to the electronic trading platforms operated by, which content you display on the website/mobile application/mobile site and your duration of visit, cookies are used for identifying how you use the website/mobile application/mobile site.

Cookies are used for offering more suitable content with your fields of interest and for you, in other words, with the purpose of targeted advertisement/promotion. offers you more suitable contents and personal campaigns and products matching the information obtained through cookies with your personal data and does not offer you the contents or opportunities that you have previously stated that you do not want.

How Gross Diesel uses third-party cookies for advertising and re-targeting purposes? may also use cookies in order to enable the use of “advertising technology” to offer you advertisements that thinks may be relevant to you when you visit search engines, the websites, mobile applications or mobile sites of the electronic trading platforms operated by and/or the websites on which advertises. Advertising technology uses the information regarding your previous visits to the website/mobile application/mobile site and the websites/mobile applications/mobile sites on which advertises for being able to offer personal advertisements for you. In the course of offering these advertisements, a unique third-party cookie may be placed on your browser to enable Gross Diesel to recognise you.

In addition, your e-mail address from your personal data is shared with these platforms with the purpose of offering you the advertisements that you may be interested in on social media platforms and creating a special target group. Your e-mail address are forwarded through secure channels and media provided by these platforms. Social media platforms use your e-mail address only for matching process by hashing it. Your e-mail address may not be shared with third parties or other advertisers and is deleted from the systems of social media platforms as soon as possible after the matching process is completed.

Cookie Management

You may use your right to allow or decline following the following steps according to the type of your internet browser and getting information about the cookies.

Google Chrome: Clicking the “lock sign” or the letter “i” on the “address section” of your browser, you may allow or block the cookies from the “Cookie” tab.

Internet Explorer: Clicking the “Security” tab on the “Tools” section at the upper right corner of your browser, you may do your cookie management as “allow” or “do not allow”.

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For other browsers (such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.), you may review the help or support pages of the relevant browsers.

Safari: Selecting the “Safari” tab in the “Settings” section of your telephone, you may do the cookie management from the section of “Security and Privacy”.

If you decline persistent cookies or session cookies, you may still use the website/mobile application/mobile site; but you may not be able to access or you may have limited access to all functions of the website/mobile application/mobile site. The mentioned situation may be different in the mobile application.

Cookie Types

The cookies given in the following table are used on the websites/mobile applications/mobile sites of the electronic trading platforms operated by, according to the purpose of use. Using these cookies, identifies the distinguishing characteristics of its Subscribers and separating the Subscribers into major groups with the purpose of offering campaigns and advertisements suitable with the preferences and interests, and performs statistical studies for identifying the spending habits such as average spending amount, age, gender, shopping categories and mobile usage rate.

Definition of CookiePurpose of Use
Session CookieSession cookies aim the user to login to the system using the user information and to do shopping with personal information and the transfer of information between various pages.
Analysis CookiesAnalysis cookies are stored for the purpose of matching the information of the pages on which the user surfs. The data stored here is used for increasing the future user experience of the site and for eliminating the technical problems that may arise.
Anonymous User Identifier CookiesThis information is used for storing the selected language and country and recognising the user in the following visits and displaying content according to the language and country previously selected.
Advertisements and Third Party CookiesThese cookies are used for identifying the anonymous user information of the advertisers and suppliers of the website.
The purposes of use of such cookies are to remember your visit options, displaying relevant and personalised advertisements and limiting the number of advertisements, and to measure the efficiency of advertisement campaigns.


Do you make international deliveries?

We make international deliveries.

Which Countries Are Your Delivery Regions?

We deliver 200+ Countries worldwide. You can get information about the countries we deliver by choosing the country at “my cart” or “my order” screens. You can also see the list of the international delivery countries by clicking the link.

If you wish your order to be delivered to a country which is not listed in international delivery countries, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] to discuss shipment options. 

How is the delivery time?

We deliver within 2-7 business days to anywhere in the world. However the delivery time may vary depending on cargo company and destination.

Warning: Customs processes, natural disasters, strike, missed transfer are the exceptions of stated delivery time. The package may be subject to customs in the destination country. In this case, customs officers will contact you to inform what to do to receive your package. Customs fees may vary depending on your order and Country. If the package subject to customs clearance at destination country the responsibility belongs to the customer.

Which cargo companies do you work with?

We work with B2C Direct, DHL and UPS cargo companies which are contracted. All our packages are shipped with express cargo.

How much is the shipping costs?

The shipping charge varies according to the quantity of the products ordered and the country of dispatch.  You can see the cargo costs by selecting the country at the payment screen on order steps. By following the campaign periods, you can benefit from free shipping opportunities.

Where is my order?

You can track your order with “Cargo Tracking Number” which is sent as SMS to your registered mobile number and sent to your registered e-mail. You can check all the details of your order at my orders section after logging in to the system.

What is “Cargo Tracking Number”?

Tracking number is a code that enables you to track your order status.

What should I pay attention when I receive my order?

Before accepting the package from cargo company you should check if it has been opened, torn, crushed, or soaked. If it has, please do not accept the package and request a claim form by the cargo company and inform the situation to “Customer Service Department”.  Refusing an item upon delivery based solely on the condition of the external packaging is not advised as the item within may not be defected.

If you notice a problem like missing item etc. after accepting the package you should contact with cargo company and inquire about the cargo claim form and inform us the situation by email to [email protected]

What happens if I am not at shipping address when the cargo is delivered?

If you are not at the shipping address when your order is delivered or if your address incorrect or incomplete; the cargo company or will contact with you and arrange second delivery free of charge. If you cannot be contacted within 5 working days, your package is returned to Gross Diesel.

Will my orders purchased on different dates de delivered with the same shipping?

Each order will be considered as a separate dispatch. There is no guarantee that orders purchased on different dates will be shipped at the same time.